My Story

Over the years, I have accumulated various skills in a broad spectrum of jobs. A student in my twenties, I took various evening classes while working in the auto glass industry, eventually returning to full-time college at California State University, Sacramento, where I obtained a BS degree in Environmental Science. 
During this time I had two internships, both for the state of California: the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).
In my early thirties I worked as vegetation ecologist for the California DFW. This was a great job: surveying ecosystems, identifying plants, trapping small mammals, and compiling data for aerial photo interpretation. Here I learned GIS and SQL.
After I married, and found a new opportunity to own a business in Lake Tahoe, buying UPS Store franchises, and managing three stores in Northern California—this allowed me to further develop my business management skills.
When my wife and I adopted a newborn girl, we decided to sell the business and move to Phoenix. For the next decade I worked in computer technology, first at GoDaddy, then Sage Software. I performed troubleshooting—for professional clients and the general public—in areas of web design and maintenance, CRM software, database and sync issues, LAN, Remote, Web-Client and Cloud-based environments. Here I discovered Linux, which has remained one of my passions.
From there I became a state employee with Arizona Department of Health Services, as a Dispensary Agent Specialist for the Bureau of Special Licensing. My duties included troubleshooting point-of-sale issues, acting as a liaison between dispensary clients and our IT staff.
Due to statewide cutbacks, this job ended and as a side job I started an LLC—first in Arizona and California, and now in Idaho—I am operating my own real estate photography business (Kane Davis Photography LLC, please visit to view my work).
In 2018 my family resettled in the charming town of Lincoln, California. Here I landed a job as a Field Biologist for Mountain G Enterprises, which offered me a chance to hone my botany skills, work with tree crews and property owners, and gain an education in power and gas utilities, contracted under PG&E.
It is now my plan to re-connect with my career of passion, Environmental Science, employing the broad set of skills I have acquired over the past decades. I moved to the Treasure Valley last October 2020: my family is excited to make a new home in a beautiful, more traditional state, where values and kindness are the norm.
Thank you for visiting my website: please review my resume, references and credentials. I hope you will consider me an excellent choice for the position I have applied for.
— Kane Davis, May 2021